Monday, July 20, 2009

The Crabby Chronicles


A few evenings ago right as I was about to take a shower, I went to check the food and water levels of my two Hermit Crabs, Captain and Tennille. I saw Tennille instantly but had to search in the aquarium a bit for Captain. I noticed him hiding under the pagoda bridge I bought for them and wanted to pick him up.
When I did, the lifeless corpse fell out of the shell and I freaked.

My husband came running and through uncontrolled sobs, I explained what had occured. He said for me to go take my shower and he would take care of Captain. I had trouble getting in the shower due to tear-filled eyes - plus I had no thought of trying to enjoy my shower - I was just so devastated. Now, I don't care how small a pet, I have love for these critters, too. All my pets are my "kids".

Since my husband knows so well how I am in regards to my critters, he quickly scooped up the carcass and went to prepare it for an outside garden burial within a small sandwich baggie. He came back into the bathroom and asked if I wanted to keep Captain's shell or bury him with it. I was in no condition to make such decisions and told my husband to make that decision. I went back to crying and could not figure out for the life of me why he was tapping me on the shoulder to look at Captain's shell.

My husband was holding the shell so that I could see inside and I noticed Captain was still inside! ... the "carcass" which had fallen out was the outer shell Hermit Crabs shed from time to time! ... I was so overjoyed Captain was still alive - and now we also refer to him as Lazerus - for he yet lives!

Sojourner Crab

I was awakened early Saturday morning by my husband which concerned me since he normally lets me sleep in ... he was telling me our cat Ellwood had been playing with something on the floor in the living room and when he finally went to see what was making such a racket, he found it was Tennille! ...

I figured my husband did not have his contacts in place and just found a similar shell - but he did convince me to go downstairs and look. Sure enough, it was Tennille.

The strange thing is the top of the aquarium was still in place and there was no tracks in the sand or scattered sand around their enclosure. Also, there were stacks of Glama Ray paperwork between the table where their aquarium is located and the bedroom door leading to the dining room and from there to the living room where she was found. I have no idea how she got out (not possible to climb on her own) and how she got all the way to the living room. Can you say freaky?

I checked on her later and she is doing fine, so I am thankful for that - BUT, I have had enough excitement from these two "poor-man's pets"!


  1. First of all those are some sweet names. Love it. You crack me up, but I am so sorry for your lose. Should we say a few words? You wore your shell well little crab. RIP. Go mourn and try to have a good week = )

  2. Sunshinemeg, I was taking a sip of water when I read this and about choked. You're so damn funny, love you! BUT, he lives ... he's OK ... LOL! The little booger was shedding. All is well and thank you for making me laugh my dear!

  3. He he, so glad that Captain have such an open heart for all of the critters! Gosh, now I feel bad for my mean letters to them on my latest blog entry...your photoshop techniques for your crabs crack me up. :) Lovely post!

  4. Awww wow what a week for you and your crabs!!! Glad they are ok! xoxo

  5. Awww... poor Tennille, I hope she feels better. Sounds like a rough day.

  6. Awe, you are all so sweet, thank you. Captain & Tennille are doing just great!

  7. We get attached to our pets. Best wishes. Your blog is very nice. God is Great.

  8. Awesome! I love that you care so much about your pets and love that one of them seems to be both a Lazarus and a Hudini...

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